YOUth Shift Africa is East Africa's emerging network youth movement
for excellence in
  • youth driven conscious awakening
  • innovative social and environmental activism
  • leadership and peace building

We are inclusive, non-political, non-denominational, and open to all who wish to make a real difference to the world by creating INTERNAL climate change. Based on the Kenyan coast, we connect a fast growing online community which reaches people in Mombasa, Nairobi, across Kenya and other African coutries. YOUth Shift Africa luminaries are to be found in many communities, either individually or in approved groups. 



Naraya, Founder YOUth Shift Africa

"I founded YOUth Shift Africa in early 2012. As a psycho-social counsellor and health educator I've been involved with development projects for more than half my life. I have seen what works and what doesn't work. I have experienced through learning-by-doing that it is not enough to give people fish. Hence it is my passion and purpose to create positive, conducive environments and conditions where we can learn to fish for ourselves - not by changing external circumstances, but by looking INSIDE ourselves for the limitless internal resources, gifts, talents and joys we are all equipped with at the core of our being.

But how do we do that? read more about Naraya ...

Oluoch Otieno aka DoubleO
Oluoch Otieno aka DoubleO



DoubleO shares his life between YOUth Shift Africa HeARTquarters on Tiwi beach and his Mombasa Tudor hood. He is the incredible master mind behind all our music productions. He is a hiphop artist par excellence, free style rapper, a beacon of truth and a wise soul who many seek out for inspiration and advice. More about him coming soon, meanwhile seek him out on Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube. 

Moses Aran Oindo

Born and raised in a remote part of Kenya and supported by Naraya and her family since he was 12, Moses made his way from a typical rural “nobody” to a respected youth leader and passionate advocate for peace in less than 3 years. 


Since Dec 2011 he is an Accredited Journey Practitioner with a globally recognized qualification. 


Moses has meanwhile moved on from YOUth Shift Africa to dedicate himself to local politics and we wish him all the very best on the new path.




Faith Waringa

Born 1991 in Kenya, Faith is the initiator of Girls Shift Africa.


Initially the girl empowerment wing of YOUth Shift Africa and mentored by Naraya, Girls Shift Africa is now a project in it's own right. Check them out on facebook if you wish!